Blue Ridge Christian School Signs Up For SafeDefend Security Systems


Blue Ridge Christian School, a private Christian school in Kansas City, Mo. has signed on with SafeDefend to upgrade its school security system. The upgrade will include the installation of a SafeDefend Personnel Protection System in every classroom.

Jeff Green, a former principal and CEO of SafeDefend, is working closely with Kathy Reynolds, Headmaster, and Larry Becker, Principal, to get the Personnel Protection Systems into place and begin training the staff.

The SafeDefend System has been endorsed by several local law enforcement officials and school board members and has law enforcement personnel conduct the training. The training plays a vital role in the non-lethal security system. SafeDefend’s concept is: prepare, notify and protect and is critical for several reasons. Teachers have not been asked or expected to protect themselves and their classrooms until now and it is not something teachers have really been prepared for.

Green hopes to continue to empower and provide staff with the ability to protect themselves and those around them. He said, “Right now, the news media is reporting on school shootings and companies that hope to prevent injuries. As a former principal and a father, I understood the need for safer schools and the fact that schools need more funding options to implement these types of solutions.”

Curé of Ars Catholic School in Leawood, Kan. also has several SafeDefend Personnel Protection Systems in several classrooms.

Two Teens Plot For High School Massacre Thwarted By Tip

Two teens were arrested back in August when police deemed a tip that the two were plotting a school massacre credible. The tip was relayed to administrators at the school district and was then forwarded to the police.


While no weapons were found in the boys’ home, police discovered “frightening information” from computers and through interviewing the suspects South Pasadena Police Chief Art Miller said.

Miller told reporters that the two told investigators matter-of-factly that they were willing to die as part of their plan. “As they put it, they just wanted to kill as many people as possible,” Miller said. “They had a very specific plan on how they were going to carry out their sick mission.”

Prosecutors say the teens began making detailed arrangements to kill three staff members at South Pasadena High School and gun down as many students as possible.

They were each initially charged only with one count of making criminal threats in connection with their interaction with the third boy as the investigation into the school plot continued,
each boy has now been charged with conspiracy to commit murder and conspiracy to commit assault with a deadly weapon.

As a former principal and the CEO of SafeDefend Jeff Green commented on the case, “The Pasadena school shooting event was thankfully prevented. The unfortunate reality is that there are others in schools across the country who are planning a similar event or feel that this is the best way to respond to situations in their lives.”

Green urges parents to discuss the seriousness of threats with their children. “It is vital to take all threats seriously and put our staff and students in the best position possible to respond effectively to a crisis,” Green said.

More on the South Pasadena case can be found here.

Jeff Green, CEO of SafeDefend, Interviewed by 41 Action News


Thank you to Deborah Tuff and 41 Action News for interviewing SafeDefend CEO Jeff Green.

SafeDefend and RAZ Mobile have recently teamed up in hopes of making classrooms safer. The two companies were originally interviewed via Skype and then a second story featuring Jeff Green at the Louisburg Library, one of his first clients, aired on the news.

When explaining how he came across the idea Green said, “I was the last person in my building after Sandy Hook. I was trying to figure out what we could do better. It seemed like everything we were looking at and considering, Sandy Hook already seem to have.”

That’s when the former school principal began working with law enforcement to develop the SafeDefend locker. The locker is similar in size to a shoe-box. The fingerprint activated security system notifies police automatically and tells them the location of the threat in the building. The locker contains supplies the detain the threat until help arrives.

“We have everything from high intensity strobe light, pepper spray, we have flex cuffs, expanded baton, window break; whistle, a trauma kit to provide immediate emergency response as well as a high visibility vest to help law enforcement,” Green said.

The each lockers cost $500 and there is a $59.95/month monitoring fee. The goal is to have one in each classroom of the school.

Raz Mobile , an online fundraising company for non-profits, is helping schools make that hope a reality. Dale Knoop is the CEO and founder. “We’re just helping SafeDefend go out and tap the networks of the parents and their friends and their families and their social media. You think about soccer moms on Facebook, (who say) ‘will you help get a system for my son or daughter’s school? Can you help afford $20 (or) $50?’ Knoop said.

Right now the Louisburg Library and a private school have SafeDefend systems in place and running. Four other schools in the Kansas City area just installed the systems, SafeDefend will announce who those schools are, next week.