KMBC 9: Kansas company works to protect employees from shootings

KMBC 9’s Peggy Breit spotlights how SafeDefend protects employees in an active shooter situation in an interview with Jeff Green, CEO and founder. The SafeDefend system is activated at the swipe of a finger by authorized personnel and instantaneously alerts police and employees. “We say over and over again in our training: the best place to be is somewhere else,” explains Green. “If we can get everyone out and give them the information so it’s safe to do so – let’s clear as many people away from that environment as we can.”

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SafeDefend to Partner with Two MO School Districts Thanks to New Grant

Two Missouri school districts are choosing to spend newly awarded grant money on SafeDefend protective systems, which were created here in the metro.

Schools across the state competed against one another for grants that will be used to enhance school safety. Lone Jack C-6 School District and Middle Grove C-1 School District, which is located in mid-Missouri, each received $5,000 from the Missouri School Boards’ Association through its Missouri Center for Education Safety (CES).

The school districts have decided to spend the grant money along with other funds to start a contract with SafeDefend. The company makes emergency kits that include pepper spray, a baton, trauma pack and other tools recommended by law enforcement. The kits are secured by a fingerprint-activated device that allows for controlled access and secure storage of items. Once the device is open, an alert is sent out to a national monitoring company, along with a text alerting personnel at the school, the local hospital and police.

SafeDefend was founded by CEO Jeff Green, a former Kansas elementary school principal. Green said the safety of schools and other large institutions hits close to home.

“As a father and former elementary principal, I understand the vulnerability our schools face,” Green said in a release. “The staff at Lone Jack C-6 and Middle Grove C-1 are now empowered to respond and manage the crisis, and parents will have peace of mind while students can focus on their future.”

Each SafeDefend unit costs $500, plus fees for installation and monthly monitoring. Also included are free training classes led by former law enforcement personnel. Classes are centered on the principles of run-hide-fight and making quick decisions to evacuate or lock down the classroom.