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Many Schools Utilize Technology as Part of School Safety Plans

Liberty School District, located in Clay County, Mo. is the second-fastest growing school district in the state with 19 schools, serving 11,800 students. With school safety being a top priority, officials have collaborated with Avigilon to install an end-to-end security solution, including access control and high-definition video surveillance to improve school safety, accelerate incident response […]

School Safety Apps – New Technology Being Used in Schools

New advances in technology are now helping students and schools to be more prepared in disaster situations. There have specifically been advances in alerts for what could be perceived as threats to school settings and situations. Now, with just a few short clicks of a button, school administrators can be alerted to dangers in the […]

Active Shooter Simulations: Preparation at What Cost?

With school and mass shootings seemingly prevalent in the news, schools are taking more precautions and training for crisis situations. For years, schools have had simulations for drunk driving or fire drills, but the latest trend in disaster preparedness for schools is a simulation of a mass shooting. According to a recent article by The […]

Active Shooter Drills Now Mandatory in Missouri

In light of the 2012 tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, “Active Shooter Drills” have become more common and – in many cases – mandatory education in schools. According to Ashley Hoak, from KTVO – Kirksville, Mo., over 100 school related shooting incidents have been reported in the last five years alone – […]

Sandy Hook Advisory Commission Approves School Safety Report

In wake of the events in Newtown Connecticut in December 2012, the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission has recently approved a report which outlines several recommendations and improvements for school safety. The 256-page report, released Thursday, notes that safety and security improvements have many long-term benefits. The report does not, however, take into consideration cost of […]

CEO of SafeDefend Reacts to LA County Sheriff’s Department Active School Shooter Video

Last week, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department released a video called, “Surviving an Active Shooter.” Major media outlets including CNN covered this story. This graphic video depicts an active shooter emergency situation and asks viewers: “How would you get out alive?” Among the survival techniques proposed by the LASD are finding an improvised weapon […]

Retired Director of KBI Endorses SafeDefend

Larry Welch, retired director of the KBI, endorsed SafeDefend this week. SafeDefend was designed by law enforcement, FBI and terrorist experts to teach schools to protect themselves during the critical minutes after an active shooter emergency. Welch said, “SafeDefend’s emergency response system is a reasonable and practical weapon in the arsenals of schools and law […]

SafeDefend™ Celebrates National School Safety Month By Installing Non-Lethal Security Systems In Blue Ridge Christian School

SafeDefend™ is helping Blue Ridge Christian School, located in Raytown, Mo., promote school safety by financing a total of $25,000 worth of non-lethal Personnel Protection Systems (PPS). A unit has been installed in every classroom, ensuring safety for each student and teacher. The PPS unit, which was designed with extensive law enforcement input, is a […]

Baltimore Police Break Up Planned Maryland School Attack

The safety of students and faculty at schools across the country has always been a concern, but it’s an even bigger concern after the recent school shooting in Washington State and the break-up of a potential tragedy in Baltimore, Maryland. Security measures are constantly improving, but but there are still many questions as to what […]