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How Does Non-Lethal Emergency Response Training Impact School Safety?

Right now everyone is trying to find the right approach for school protection. SafeDefend’s approach gives staff not only the training but the tools necessary to effectively give them the best chance at survival in the worst case scenarios. The SafeDefend system is not only designed with substantial law enforcement input and support but law […]

Louisburg Library Empowered By SafeDefend System

  The Louisburg Library is one of SafeDefend’s most recent clients. Kiersten Allen, a librarian, first heard of the security system when CEO Jeff Green presented his idea to the Rotary Club of Louisburg. The Library chose the SafeDefend system because, “the initial finger-swipe instantly alerts law enforcement that there is danger. It is also […]

Two Kansas City Companies Team Up To Save Kids’ Lives

School staff, students and families are increasingly at risk to the threat of an active shooter situation, and schools are scrambling to find money to protect their students and staff in an era of extremely tight budgets. RAZ Mobile, a mobile fundraising platform used by nonprofits across the U.S., andSafeDefend, a new startup founded by […]

Fox4 Kansas City Interviews SafeDefend CEO

Thank you Fox4 Kansas City for interviewing CEO Jeff Green. Green, a former principal, shared that the Sandy Hook shootings stirred him to develop a company that’s intent is to keep schools and people safer. Read Now: http://fox4kc.com/2014/06/30/former-school-principal-creates-fast-response-security-system/             Louisburg Library Director Kiersten Allen spoke of an incident recently where […]

SafeDefend Press Release Published on YahooFinance

  Jeff Green, CEO and founder of SafeDefend, issued a press release this week about how pepper spray was used to stop an active shooter in a Seattle school. The press release was published on YahooFinance. Jeff Green, CEO and founder of a new startup called SafeDefend, is touting an alternative to stopping active shooters […]

Kansas City Star Interviews Jeff Green about SafeDefend

  Thank you to Ruth Baum Bigus with the Kansas City Star for interviewing CEO Jeff Green last month about his motivation to start SafeDefend and his future plans for his new personal protection system. Green spoke with Bigus about how Sandy Hook pushed him to further evaluate his former school’s safety procedures in a […]

Former Principal Launches Personnel Protection System

 Jeff Green, founder and CEO of SafeDefend, spent 16 years working in education and shares his story of how the Sandy Hook tragedy moved him to walk away as a school principal in order to find a more effective solution to protect students, staff and people in emergency situations. Jeff stayed late at work the […]