Blue Ridge Christian School Signs Up For SafeDefend Security Systems


Blue Ridge Christian School, a private Christian school in Kansas City, Mo. has signed on with SafeDefend to upgrade its school security system. The upgrade will include the installation of a SafeDefend Personnel Protection System in every classroom.

Jeff Green, a former principal and CEO of SafeDefend, is working closely with Kathy Reynolds, Headmaster, and Larry Becker, Principal, to get the Personnel Protection Systems into place and begin training the staff.

The SafeDefend System has been endorsed by several local law enforcement officials and school board members and has law enforcement personnel conduct the training. The training plays a vital role in the non-lethal security system. SafeDefend’s concept is: prepare, notify and protect and is critical for several reasons. Teachers have not been asked or expected to protect themselves and their classrooms until now and it is not something teachers have really been prepared for.

Green hopes to continue to empower and provide staff with the ability to protect themselves and those around them. He said, “Right now, the news media is reporting on school shootings and companies that hope to prevent injuries. As a former principal and a father, I understood the need for safer schools and the fact that schools need more funding options to implement these types of solutions.”

Curé of Ars Catholic School in Leawood, Kan. also has several SafeDefend Personnel Protection Systems in several classrooms.

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