Staying Vigilant in a Pandemic

Written by Sheriff (Ret) Currie Myers, PhD, MBA If there is anything, we can learn from the year 2020 is that when we collectively focus on one main threat, other threats that were once at the forefront of thought are not abated. In fact, these threats fester and grow. It is imperative that we stay […]

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Easy Steps to Keep your Packages Safe from Theft

As the country enters that time of year when packages are being shipped and delivered in higher than normal levels there are several steps you can take to prevent being the victim of theft.  Some of these ideas are tried and true procedures that work to keep items secure.  Other ideas are available through the […]

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Voter Safety Tips

Protecting Your Safety as You Exercise Your Right to Vote There are several issues that are unique to the 2020 election cycle.  The media has recently run stories on preparations for the upcoming election.  All the issues with the pandemic, civil unrest, disruptions as well as the usual high volume of potential voters with soliciting/pamphleteering/electioneering […]

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