Equities.com: Mace Security (MACE): Helping Individuals and Organizations Prepare For the Unforeseen

Equities’ Destiny Lopez reports on SafeDefend and Mace Security International’s partnership through combining Mace Security International products with SafeDefend’s proprietary active shooter and incident preparations program to help prepare college campuses, businesses, and government building prepare for worst case scenario. Full story.

KWES NewsWest 9: SafeDefend lets teachers send alert to law enforcement

NewsWest9’s Jolina Okazaki reports on the recent shooting at Alpine High School in West Texas and how programs like SafeDefend can make a major difference in the ways we react to and proactively prepare for an active shooter. “Somebody said, ‘I never thought it would happen here,’ and that’s the point,” says Doug Parisi, director of training for SafeDefend. “Nobody ever does think it’s going to happen here. SafeDefend in its whole, fills the niche that’s missing.” Full story.

KWCH 12: Sublette High School holds active shooter training

KWCH 12’s Reggie Wilson reports on faculty members of Sublette High School learning what to do in the case of an active shooter. “It’s our job to make sure those kids are safe and to protect those kids but when something like this (SafeDefend) comes in it really brings it to light,” says Sublette Special Education Teacher Krista Groth. “Makes me feel a lot safer knowing that those things are available for us to use and that they’re right there, so we’re ready.” 

Full story.

Garden City Telegram: Sublette USD 374 boosting school security, preparedness

Garden City Telegram’s Josh Harbour reports on employees with the Sublette school system learning how to respond in an active shooter situation with the SafeDefend emergency response system. “It (SafeDefend) gives us a peace of mind, and me as a superintendent, a peace of mind knowing that we give our staff the tools they need to defend the students and themselves,” says USD 374 Superintendent Rex Bruce. “We don’t want any kids or employees harmed.”

Full story.

SafeDefend – Active shooter training teaches nurses to team up, confuse and take down an assailant

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Doing what you can to stay alive until the police arrive was on the minds of attendees at an active shooter training on Thursday.

The Visiting Nurse Association of Kansas City engaged in active shooter safety training. Denise Turner has worked at the VNA for 23 years; it’s her first time learning to fight if running is not an option.

“Not only can you run, the objective is to get the other person down,” she said.

CEO Brad Evans chose to go with the SafeDefend System. The system is finger-print activated which will notify law enforcement and other workers in the building that there is an intruder. Instructors will come in to train employees how to respond during a crisis using the items in the box.

“For them to have practical things versus tactical, it was important to us because we know those things will get used,” said Evans.

There’s a gel mace, a retractable baton, and a strobe for distraction. The idea: work as a team to disrupt and confuse shooters to make time to take them down.

“It’s sort of empowering maybe, to give you the courage to do something or know what to do versus having no idea of what you should do,” said Stacy Heider who has been working at the VNA for a year-and-a-half.

Much like other employees, Heider has never taken self defense classes. But she says learning these new skills, might be life saving.

KSHB 41: Visiting Nurse Association of KC trains employees for armed intruder scenario

KSHB 41’s Alyson Bruner reports on employees with the Visiting Nurse Association of Kansas City learning how to distract an intruder. Employees also learned about the SafeDefend box that will alert police and employees of an intruder situation by the swipe of a finger. “We help save lives when seconds count,” says Rusty Russell, vice president of SafeDefend.

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