Fox4 Kansas City Interviews SafeDefend CEO

Thank you Fox4 Kansas City for interviewing CEO Jeff Green. Green, a former principal, shared that the Sandy Hook shootings stirred him to develop a company that’s intent is to keep schools and people safer.

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Louisburg Library Director Kiersten Allen spoke of an incident recently where a fugitive on the loose was found in Louisburg, which led her to invest in the SafeDefend security system.  “It changes the course of the process when you know you have a plan. And now we have a plan and we didn’t before,” Allen said.

Green spoke with with Fox4 how he wanted to address two major issues: how to get law enforcement there quickly and what staff could do before law enforcement arrived. “Safe members don’t have to worry about making that call; they know help is on the way. They can focus on their survival,” Green stated.

SafeDefend is a finger-activated box. 911 Dispatch is notified of an active shooter and the classroom(s) involved, with the swipe of a finger. Inside the box are various items ranging from pepper spray to a baton to help fend off the shooter. Each SafeDefend costs $500.

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