Jeff Green, CEO of SafeDefend, Responds To Arming Teachers With Guns


Earlier this week, a Kansas City Star article was published by Donald Bradley about teachers in the West Plains, Mo. area training to shoot back at active school shooters.  Jeff Green, CEO of SafeDefend, responded to the story.


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Green said, “My stance is the decision to arm teachers has to be determined by the district and their community. We provide a system of training, tools and notification to provide protection much like fire alarms and AEDs. It’s a passionate political debate that divides people. That decision clearly needs to come from a superintendent and his board. My system works really well with schools who choose not to allow concealed carry and for those who choose to allow.  My stance is the district makes the political decision, and we have the system that increases the effectiveness of which ever direction they choose.”
Green also stated that the training that is being used for SafeDefend is being taught by active duty police officers to ensure that everyone is provided the highest level of effective response with the system.

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