Limestone County Schools could be first in the state with this system

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A safety system being used in several schools across the county could soon make its way to Limestone County Schools.

It’s a box which only administrators and teachers can open, filled with necessary tools in case of an emergency.

SafeDefend is the company behind the box which they say was created in light of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting in Newtown, Connecticut on December 14, 2012.

The fingerprint operated box is filled with things like a reflective vest, a baton, a strobe light and other tools to break windows and cause distractions.

“It’s nice to know somebody is paying attention,” says retired teacher Sharon Dinkel.

Dinkel devoted 25 years to teaching elementary students and retired from Madison City Schools a few years before the Sandy Hook shooting.

She feels this level of safety in a classroom could help prevent tragedies in our schools.

“To have access to something that would let me know that somebody was coming immediately to help, would help a great deal,” says Dinkel.

Owner and creator of SafeDefend, Jeff Green says the idea came after the devastating event at Sandy Hook when at the time he served as a principal in Kansas.

“I noticed how vulnerable we were to a shooting or other dangers,” says Green.

As a principal and father Green meet with local law enforcement to come up with a way to enhance the safety in schools.

“We met to discuss ways to speed up response times and provide protection and distractions in the meantime,” says Green.

A box runs from $550 to $700. Aside from the tools and materials the company also equips staff with the proper training.

And although the box may not come in handy in all emergencies, Dinkel feels it’s a helpful approach.

“It’s hard to stay one step ahead of the individuals that are causing the havoc but I think we’re in the right direction,” says Dinkel.

Once a contract is signed Limestone County Schools will be the first district in the state with this technology. SafeDefend says they are in the talks with other schools in the area but they in the really early stages.

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