Local Law Enforcement & School Board Member Announce Support for SafeDefend

SafeDefend, designed by law enforcement, FBI and terrorist experts, recently announced support from Don Ash, Wyandotte County Sheriff; Jeff Richards, Franklin County Sheriff; and Mike Sipple, former Ottawa school board member.

Sipple said, “As a school board member in Ottawa, Kan. for four years the thing that mattered most was safety so that every student and staff member went home at the end of each day.  Once that was provided then we could begin to look at ways to provide effective learning processes. The SafeDefend system provides a layer of safety that can provide those extra few seconds and minutes.  Whether it be a natural disaster such as a tornado or whether it be violence perpetrated by an attacker the SafeDefend system provides tools to defend and survive as well as a monitoring system that gets help quickly to where it is needed most.”

According to Jeff Green, SafeDefend CEO and founder, “SafeDefend utilizes both a comprehensive protection system and training for teachers, students and staff.  We are thrilled to be receiving these types of endorsements from school board members and law enforcement in the community.”
Recently, the company appeared on Fox4KC about its unique approach to helping save lives and its Personnel Protection System which is now active in the Louisburg Library.  Read The Story Now http://safedefend.com/fox4-kansas-city-interviews-safedefend-ceo/





Sheriff Ash explained, “SafeDefend meets two requirements missing in most school safety plans; rapid law enforcement notification and staff protection. SafeDefend puts the focus on survival until help arrives and would be a vital and effective addition to any school safet plan.”




Sheriff Richards added, “There exists a gap in current safety plans. Plans are typically designed around hiding during an intruder or active shooter event. SafeDefend bridges the gap by combining a proactive staff response system with an effective law enforcement notification system.”


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