How Does Non-Lethal Emergency Response Training Impact School Safety?


Right now everyone is trying to find the right approach for school protection. SafeDefend’s approach gives staff not only the training but the tools necessary to effectively give them the best chance at survival in the worst case scenarios. The SafeDefend system is not only designed with substantial law enforcement input and support but law enforcement personnel conduct the training as well.

The training plays a vital role in SafeDefend’s concept: prepare, notify and protect and is critical for several reasons. Staff being asked to protect themselves is not something teachers have really been prepared for, nor is it something that previously ever would have been expected from employees outside of law enforcement or security positions. Effective training becomes paramount in maximizing the benefits of the SafeDefend Personnel Protection System. Training is not only something that is part of the system but an absolute requirement. That is why the trainers are all certified active or retired law enforcement officers and trainers.

Jeff Green, CEO of SafeDefend, said, “We train on every component in the system.  All staff get to use the tools in hands on, interactive exercises that give them more than just a description but actual use and simulation. Our training explains the benefits of each tool and every staff member gets to use every tool in the training.  Familiarity and basic knowledge will provide staff with substantial advantages over our current approaches.”
“Training is customized for each customer depending on their needs. This is a large reason why Green believes that SafeDefend’s Personnel Protection System will substantially enhance the safety of all settings for schools, hospitals and offices, in almost any emergency.

“What is great about our system is that the training, tools and monitoring provides an effective response for ANY organization. The potential crises are the measure for the items, not the setting,” said Green. “In addition, our system can be customized in multiple ways to meet the needs of our clients.The crisis itself dictates the appropriate response and truly that can be addressed with some consistency across all settings. Of course the building design, the people present in the building, etc. can dictate some specific needs.”

Green said that over and over again the word empowerment is used by those undergoing the training. “The system not only provides staff with effective response options, but gives them the confidence and ability to protect themselves and others,” said Green. “The comments are incredibly positive and reinforce the fact that not only is this something that anyone can use, but that staff really want the ability to protect themselves.”

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