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Active Shooter Response Training for School Campuses

Do you know how to keep students safe in an active shooter emergency? Advanced training and preparation can mean the difference between life and death. Our active shooter response training programs empower faculty, staff and administrators to save lives. We offer comprehensive training that reduces fear, increases knowledge and builds awareness. What we teach is based on best practices, historically accurate information and giving teachers practical tools and a sense of mastery and control.

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Douglas Parisi


Has Your School Prepared To Face An Armed Intruder Crisis Just As You Do For Fires Or Natural Disasters?

Increase Confidence and the Odds of Survival —- An unexpected crisis is mentally and emotionally overwhelming. Without practical, action-oriented training, teachers and school staff will fail to take the appropriate measures because they won’t know how. An active shooter emergency action plan gives your staff the information they need to survive and protect students.

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In an active shooter situation, you don’t have time to wait for law enforcement to arrive. The reality is that 95% of fatalities occur in the first four minutes after the shooter opens fire. That’s when active shooter response training and an active shooter emergency action plan make a difference. Within the past year, every time well-prepared teachers responded to an active shooter, they were able to prevent 100% of fatalities.

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Teachers and school staff who’ve received thorough, comprehensive active shooter response training feel less anxiety about the possibility of a crisis. They’re better equipped to talk with students. Having accurate information reduces fear and uncertainty, and having a plan reduces the risks.

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Your Trainer: Douglas Parisi

Putting Knowledge and Experience to Work for Your Safety —- Douglas Parisi, MPA, is SafeDefend’s Director of Training. A former police captain and police academy commander, he has over 20 years of service and firsthand experience with active shooter situations. He has extensive training in site security, active shooter response and civilian response to violence and hostility. He’s a regular speaker at national conferences and seminars. Doug has presented at SRO, DARE, Human Resource, school boards, superintendents, departments of public safety, sheriffs’ associations and other conferences across the Midwest. He has participated in campus safety webinars and conducts interviews with media sources on workplace and campus safety concerns. He has certifications including Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT), Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE), Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC), Combat Life Support (CLS), Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) and Mental Health First Aid. Doug works with schools, businesses and government institutions on policy implementation, crisis response planning and threat mitigation.

Answers to popular questions

1 Hour | Our basic training provides a comprehensive overview of the problem, an explanation of best practices and a practical guide to preparation. Each training includes: historical perspectives on school shootings and violence; run, hide, fight and avoid, deny, defend response tactics and strategies; best practices for classroom safety; practical solutions, not tactical training; static scenarios and mental exercises.
1 Hour | In-depth training that provides everything in the basic program, plus additional information, model scenarios, and the custom creation of an individualized response plan for classrooms. Expanded training includes: enhanced situational awareness, trauma response with lifesaving tips, warning signs to look for and how to identify if someone may pose a serious problem. How to mitigate casualties and classroom setup — how to build a safer environment for your students.