SafeDefend Press Release Published on YahooFinance


Jeff Green, CEO and founder of SafeDefend, issued a press release this week about how pepper spray was used to stop an active shooter in a Seattle school. The press release was published on YahooFinance.


Founder and CEO of SafeDefend, Inc. Jeff Green

Jeff Green, CEO and founder of a new startup called SafeDefend, is touting an alternative to stopping active shooters that no one else is talking about and it does not include arming teachers with guns or spending millions of dollars on safe rooms. What is this former Kansas elementary school principal talking about? A Personnel Protection System (PPS) designed by law enforcement and former FBI agents for schools.
Green said, “Many ‘less than lethal’ options exist for a potent solution to school violence of which pepper spray is a great option. However, to maximize this approach, it is imperative to have a variety of tools and training available so staff members can have a tactical advantage over the perpetrator. This can be done at a substantial cost savings over most other systems and was one of the reasons why I created SafeDefend.”

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