Silicon Prairie News Features SafeDefend and RAZ Mobile Partnership


Thank you to Silicon Prairie News for featuring SafeDefend and RAZ Mobile’s partnership. Former principal, Jeff Green founded SafeDefend in 2013 after working closely with law enforcement and parents to develop the security system. The system includes a fingerprint-activated device that securely stores items that can be used in the case of an emergency at schools, hospitals, government buildings or corporate offices. Once activated, emergency personnel are alerted via text message to begin the lockdown process, and local law enforcement is notified immediately for quick response.

Green particularly wanted SafeDefend systems in classrooms, but from his experience he knew that school budgets were limited. Que RAZ Mobile, a mobile solution to the fundraising initiative.

“At schools, parents were getting tired of kids going door-to-door selling candy and gift wrap to raise money, and if millennials were going to donate money, they want to give through a web app easily, in the moment, instead of through a text message,” founder of RAZ Mobile, Dale Knoop said. “With RĀZ, we can help set up a campaign for a SafeDefend system and the project-based fundraising supports a school for the long term, which is more meaningful to everyone.”

So far the pair have pilot programs established at several private schools, as well as a library and plan to move to the public sector with their partnership soon.

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