Two Kansas City Companies Team Up To Save Kids’ Lives

School staff, students and families are increasingly at risk to the threat of an active shooter situation, and schools are scrambling to find money to protect their students and staff in an era of extremely tight budgets. RAZ Mobile, a mobile fundraising platform used by nonprofits across the U.S., andSafeDefend, a new startup founded by a former, Kansas elementary school principal, are working together to provide schools and parents with the option for a quality safety solution. SafeDefend’s Personnel Protection System can now be completely or partially funded through RAZ Mobile’s fundraising platform. The system starts at about $15,000 annually per school per year.

Michael Scott, a parent for children at Curé of Ars Catholic School in Leawood, Kan., said, “As a parent I want to know my children are in the safest school environment possible. Contributing to fund a system like SafeDefend makes sense to me as it substantially enhances the safety and security of my kids’ school. Curé is just one of the many schools that will be able to use the new system.”


Jeff Green, CEO and founder of SafeDefend, said, “Right now, the news media is reporting on school shootings and companies that hope to prevent injuries. As a former principal and a father, I understood the need for safer schools and the fact that schools need more fundraising options to implement these types of solutions. We decided to team up with RAZ Mobile because it is a reliable, cost-effective way to reach a broad audience and get the funds we need to make schools safer.”


Donate now! This is a demo experience that illustrates the ease of giving to support a school’s effort to buy a system.

According to Dale Knoop, founder and CEO of RAZ Mobile, “Parents have already indicated they would be interested in providing private donations for the SafeDefend system in their kids’ schools. Parents won’t have to write a check, but just give through the mobile site with credit cards, and they can share the mobile page to social media channels with friends and family. Additionally, RAZ Mobile is not a text-to-give platform, and, unlike text-to-give, RAZ Mobile puts no caps on donations and 100 percent of the donation immediately goes to the nonprofit.”


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