USD 341 prepares classrooms for potential attacks with SafeDefense System

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There hasn’t been a school shooting in Kansas since 1985, but other states haven’t been as fortunate.

USD 341 is taking the proactive approach by installing SafeDefense Safety Systems in all of its schools.

“No matter how great the control access systems are, no matter how great the camera systems are, if we let that bad guy into the school we need a way to be able to protect ourselves,” SafeDefense CEO Jeff Green said.

Green gave an active shooter demonstration at Oskaloosa School District on Thursday.

Thanks to SafeDefend, teachers can protect their classrooms with just the touch of a finger — and it doesn’t involve a trigger.

By scanning their finger on the SafeDefend box, teachers automatically alert emergency responders and unlock their SafeDefend system

“God forbid if they actually have to protect themselves, we give them some tools as well as some very effective training to create a situation where they can protect themselves and their students ,” explained Green.

The SafeDefend kit includes non-lethal weapons such as pepper spray, high-intensity strobe lights, trauma packs and an expandable baton with a window break.

The SafeDefend system provides a non-lethal defense against attackers because more than often they are a familiar face.

“Eighty-four percent of the threats to our schools, we are going to let through that front door. It’s going to be a student, it’s going to be a parent, it’s going to somebody associated with someone at school,” said Green.

USD 341 superintendent Jon Pfau plans to have each classroom equipped with a SafeDefend Safety System by January. Pfau says they are cost efficient and thinks most school districts would be able to fit them in their budgets.

“We’re very excited to put the SafeDefend system in our school district. It checks alot of the boxes that we need to become a protected school,” said Pfau.

Local authorities are on board with the system. Jefferson County Sherrif Jeff Herrig thinks schools should designate drills to prepare for an active shooter.

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