Rethinking Teacher & Student Social Media Contact

Securing our schools and keeping our kids safe is a priority for all administrators. In the ever-expanding social media age we attempt to draft rules and guidelines for teacher and student interaction.  There is a positive and a negative side to these policies.  While we can attempt to prevent inappropriate interactions between the adults and […]

Student Violence is Being Ignored

The name Jaquerria Timmons won’t be a name you recognize. She is a 14 year old Bellingrath Middle School student that was shot and killed on Monday, May 1, 2017 in Montgomery, Alabama.  She had just left school and was just down the street from the school where a group of students were gathered.  It […]

Teachers Lock Your Doors!

The Standard of Care is for Doors to be Locked In response to shootings like the one at the San Bernardino elementary school on Tuesday, April 11, 2017 school administrators will start to discuss some of the measures that can be taken to deter attackers. At SafeDefend we often warn superintendents that some of the […]

Trauma Response for Teachers

The tragedy that occurred at Townville Elementary School in South Carolina is difficult to accept. The school district had certainly taken steps to secure the perimeter and instruct teachers on response as this is a basic standard of care.  All of this planning didn’t prevent the 14-year-old perpetrator from jumping the fence and attacking the […]

The Fallacy of Wasp Spray for School Safety

The genesis of the notion of ‘bug spray’ as a tool against an active shooter in a school safety plan sprung up in the late 90s after a series of high profile school shootings. As police departments across the country scrambled to adjust procedures and train officers on dynamic entry post Columbine the teachers and […]

Students Traumatized by Violence Report Lower GPAs

A recent study done in collaboration with over a dozen national school and safety organizations has revealed that students who have been affected by violence, either in their communities or at school, report lower GPAs, more negative remarks on their records and test scores and more school absences than their peers who have been unaffected. […]

School Safety in the Cloud

A Texas school district has adopted the use of cloud technology to store and monitor school safety – providing an all around view of security. The software maintains emergency plans, contact information, reports and tracks threats and monitors public safety and social media channels, reportedly costing the district about $50,000 per year. Cris Esquivel, chief […]

Schools Tackle Unique Challenges in Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Recovery

A Homeland Security Emergency Management Advisory Council has come up with an action plan that calls for more uniformity in emergency preparedness and disaster situations, such as those involving an active shooter. The plan includes everything from severe weather preparedness to school shootings and goes one step further to also detail the management of parents […]

How Social Media Has Impacted Active School Shootings

Recently, a young man threatened to carry out a shooting at his school using “Burn Book”, a social media application that lets users anonymously report their thoughts. The student was quickly identified and charged with making a terrorist threat. After the arrest, the school implemented a number of procedures, including increased police presence, mandatory bag […]

SafeDefend Exhibits at NSBA Annual Conference

Last week, SafeDefend exhibited the Personal Protection System to a new audience of school board members in Nashville, Tenn. at the National School Board Association (NSBA) annual conference, which also marked the organization’s 75th anniversary. The conference occurred from March 21-23, 2015 and welcomed more than 7,000 school board members, speakers, vendors and exhibitors. It […]

Many Schools Utilize Technology as Part of School Safety Plans

Liberty School District, located in Clay County, Mo. is the second-fastest growing school district in the state with 19 schools, serving 11,800 students. With school safety being a top priority, officials have collaborated with Avigilon to install an end-to-end security solution, including access control and high-definition video surveillance to improve school safety, accelerate incident response […]

Active Shooter Simulations: Preparation at What Cost?

With school and mass shootings seemingly prevalent in the news, schools are taking more precautions and training for crisis situations. For years, schools have had simulations for drunk driving or fire drills, but the latest trend in disaster preparedness for schools is a simulation of a mass shooting. According to a recent article by The […]

Active Shooter Drills Now Mandatory in Missouri

In light of the 2012 tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, “Active Shooter Drills” have become more common and – in many cases – mandatory education in schools. According to Ashley Hoak, from KTVO – Kirksville, Mo., over 100 school related shooting incidents have been reported in the last five years alone – […]

Sandy Hook Advisory Commission Approves School Safety Report

In wake of the events in Newtown Connecticut in December 2012, the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission has recently approved a report which outlines several recommendations and improvements for school safety. The 256-page report, released Thursday, notes that safety and security improvements have many long-term benefits. The report does not, however, take into consideration cost of […]

CEO of SafeDefend Reacts to LA County Sheriff’s Department Active School Shooter Video

Last week, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department released a video called, “Surviving an Active Shooter.” Major media outlets including CNN covered this story. This graphic video depicts an active shooter emergency situation and asks viewers: “How would you get out alive?” Among the survival techniques proposed by the LASD are finding an improvised weapon […]

Retired Director of KBI Endorses SafeDefend

Larry Welch, retired director of the KBI, endorsed SafeDefend this week. SafeDefend was designed by law enforcement, FBI and terrorist experts to teach schools to protect themselves during the critical minutes after an active shooter emergency. Welch said, “SafeDefend’s emergency response system is a reasonable and practical weapon in the arsenals of schools and law […]

SafeDefend™ Celebrates National School Safety Month By Installing Non-Lethal Security Systems In Blue Ridge Christian School

SafeDefend™ is helping Blue Ridge Christian School, located in Raytown, Mo., promote school safety by financing a total of $25,000 worth of non-lethal Personnel Protection Systems (PPS). A unit has been installed in every classroom, ensuring safety for each student and teacher. The PPS unit, which was designed with extensive law enforcement input, is a […]

Washington School Shooting Brings Up Questions About Suspect Profiling; Reminds Teachers And Students That “Seconds Count”

The latest school shooting at a high school outside Seattle is raising more questions about how to best prevent school shootings in the future. The questions are mainly coming from the fact that the shooter in Seattle, 15-year-old Jaylen Fryberg, did not fit the mold for a typical school shooting suspect. In recent years, the […]

Kansas City’s 41 Action News Showcases Blue Ridge Christian School Teachers & Staff Training for Active Shooter Situations

Deborah Tuff, 41 Action News Reporter, visited Blue Ridge Christian School in Raytown, Mo. during a recent training session for teachers and staff. On October 16, SafeDefend™ and local law enforcement teamed up show how to use the personnel protection system. SafeDefend™ gave the school 25 personnel protection systems and helped instruct teachers on how […]

Local Law Enforcement & SafeDefend To Train Teachers & Staff At Blue Ridge Christian School

Blue Ridge Christian School will be having its training kickoff on Oct. 16, 2014 at 9:30 a.m. SafeDefend’s lead trainer, a local law enforcement officer, will be at the school to train teachers and staff how to use the contents of SafeDefend’s Personnel Protection System, including pepper spray, batons and more. In addition, SafeDefend launched […]

Blue Ridge Christian School Signs Up For SafeDefend Security Systems

Blue Ridge Christian School, a private Christian school in Kansas City, Mo. has signed on with SafeDefend to upgrade its school security system. The upgrade will include the installation of a SafeDefend Personnel Protection System in every classroom. Jeff Green, a former principal and CEO of SafeDefend, is working closely with Kathy Reynolds, Headmaster, and […]

Two Teens Plot For High School Massacre Thwarted By Tip

Two teens were arrested back in August when police deemed a tip that the two were plotting a school massacre credible. The tip was relayed to administrators at the school district and was then forwarded to the police. While no weapons were found in the boys’ home, police discovered “frightening information” from computers and through […]

Parent Donates Three SafeDefend Systems to Curé of Ars For Active Shooter and Emergency Situations

Curé of Ars Catholic School in Leawood, Kan. has installed SafeDefend Personnel Protection Systems which were donated by a parent. The security upgrade resulted in two SafeDefend systems being placed and installed in two classrooms and the principal’s office. Michael Scott, a parent with children at Curé of Ars Catholic School, said, “As a parent […]

Louisburg Library Empowered By SafeDefend System

  The Louisburg Library is one of SafeDefend’s most recent clients. Kiersten Allen, a librarian, first heard of the security system when CEO Jeff Green presented his idea to the Rotary Club of Louisburg. The Library chose the SafeDefend system because, “the initial finger-swipe instantly alerts law enforcement that there is danger. It is also […]

Local Law Enforcement & School Board Member Announce Support for SafeDefend

SafeDefend, designed by law enforcement, FBI and terrorist experts, recently announced support from Don Ash, Wyandotte County Sheriff; Jeff Richards, Franklin County Sheriff; and Mike Sipple, former Ottawa school board member. Sipple said, “As a school board member in Ottawa, Kan. for four years the thing that mattered most was safety so that every student […]

Fox4 Kansas City Interviews SafeDefend CEO

Thank you Fox4 Kansas City for interviewing CEO Jeff Green. Green, a former principal, shared that the Sandy Hook shootings stirred him to develop a company that’s intent is to keep schools and people safer. Read Now:             Louisburg Library Director Kiersten Allen spoke of an incident recently where […]

SafeDefend Press Release Published on YahooFinance

  Jeff Green, CEO and founder of SafeDefend, issued a press release this week about how pepper spray was used to stop an active shooter in a Seattle school. The press release was published on YahooFinance. Jeff Green, CEO and founder of a new startup called SafeDefend, is touting an alternative to stopping active shooters […]