Saving Lives When Seconds Count

SafeDefend™ prepares, notifies, and protects, by empowering people to take action in active shooter or other violent situations. Easy-to-use tools to increase survival chances, support law enforcement, and respond to medical emergencies are included. Once opened, real-time information is provided to help make decisions on whether to evacuate, evade, or fight.

Once the protection system is activated, an alert is sent to a nationwide monitoring company along with a text alerting identified personnel to begin lockdown procedures. Local law enforcement is immediately notified of the building and room number, where the system was activated.

 SafeDefend Awards

SafeDefend was awarded one of the 25 best companies under 25 employees by iThink Bigger Magazine! Nominations for the award came from businesses and customers identifying the best performing and innovative companies for 2017!

SafeDefend was awarded the District Administration Magazine TOP 100 Educational Products for 2016. The award was based on nominations from superintendents throughout the country on the best products used by their districts.


Having SafeDefend as a tool can drastically improve the safety plan for your clinic or hospital.


Does your school have a safety plan? SafeDefend prepares, notifies, and protects.


Give your staff the tools and empowerment they need to protect themselves with SafeDefend.


homicides in our K-12 schools in the last 30 years.


Avg. number of people injured in a mass shooting event, when shooter is stopped by law enforcement.


Avg. number of people injured in a mass shooting event, when a shooter is stopped by civilians.


seconds to activate and operate the SafeDefend Safety system.

““I feel equipped. This system takes the guesswork out of school defense…I feel better prepared. More confident to protect.”

TeacherSafeDefend Customer

“SafeDefend™ gives us a significant advantage and the tools to protect.”

School AdministratorSafeDefend Customer

“ I feel that this system has proven methods that can change and save lives.”

Business OwnerSafeDefend Customer