Emergency Lockdown Systems For Schools & Businesses

Alarms installed for School Safety should not be Silent

There is always room for discussion when it comes to school safety.  We need to look at other areas of security and determine how those apply to the school setting.  Our schools are too porous to apply the same model used in federal, state and local government buildings.  Window laminates slow the entry into a […]

Different Circumstances for Addressing Special Needs Students in a Crisis

Educators that have to deal with this specific problem often ask about circumstances involving those with special needs in schools.  One of the often understood but overlooked components is that some of these kids do not react well to loud sounds and can resist instruction from strangers.  Schools have adopted to this by having the […]

There are Good and Bad Ways to Conduct Active Shooter Drills

There have been numerous stories about the harm active shooter drills have caused.  A recent article from the Associated Press cited statements from the American Federation of Teachers and National Education Association that disavow unannounced drills or simulated gunfire.  Most of the time these drills are not thought out well enough to apply to the […]

Time is a Factor in a Hostile Crisis

The shooting at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, CA highlights a continued problem that schools face during an active shooter event.  After all the external security has been compromised and a perpetrator starts an attack, how do we quickly initiate a lockdown and get police notified.  Time and again we have seen that there […]

How well do you communicate a hostile crisis in your building?

In order to mitigate casualties in a mass casualty event it is important to look at past incidents.  This doesn’t have to be a direct comparison but rather should examine solutions that work and why they are effective.  Simply put the importance of mass notification is essential to alert people of a threat to their […]