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Following the Sandy Hook tragedy, Jeff Green was in his office reviewing his school’s safety plan and realized that everything he had in place, Sandy Hook did as well. In fact, Sandy Hook was better prepared than most schools. He began researching what changes had occurred in school protection and emergency action notification systems. The most significant modifications over the years were improvements with law enforcement’s approach put in place after Columbine. However, schools were still missing critical elements for addressing an active shooter situation and having a safety plan in place. The typical approach involved locking an intruder out, hiding and hoping. This method had proven ineffective time and time again. As a parent and a principal, Jeff wanted an emergency action notification system that would protect his children, students and staff and empower them at the same time. Jeff met with local and national threat assessment experts, the FBI, law enforcement, police chiefs and sheriffs to learn what schools could do during the critical minutes leading up to the time first responders arrived on the scene. As a result, he designed the SafeDefend Personnel Protection and Shelter in Place Systems for schools, hospitals, government buildings and corporate offices. Prior to SafeDefend, Jeff was an educator and principal for 16 years throughout Kansas. He is a father to three children and is currently working on his Ph.D. from the University of Kansas.

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SafeDefend was named a District Administration Magazine Top 100 Educational Products for 2016. The award was based on nominations from superintendents throughout the country on the best products used by their districts.

SafeDefend was awarded one of the 25 Best Companies Under 25 Employees by iThink Bigger Magazine! Nominations for the award came from businesses and customers identifying the best performing and innovative companies for 2017.


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Homicides in K-12 schools
Avg. number of people injured in a mass shooting event, when a shooter is stopped by civilians.
Avg. number of people injured in a mass shooting event, when shooter is stopped by law enforcement.
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