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The Perception of Security in Schools Isn’t Enough to Keep Kids Safe

We all want to feel that our schools are prepared for potential catastrophic incidents. We have safety committees, training drills, and procedures for response.  When we look at the numbers for fire related injuries and casualties from climatic events we can clearly see that the safety protocols are working.  Unfortunately, when we look at school […]

Rethinking Teacher & Student Social Media Contact

Securing our schools and keeping our kids safe is a priority for all administrators. In the ever-expanding social media age we attempt to draft rules and guidelines for teacher and student interaction.  There is a positive and a negative side to these policies.  While we can attempt to prevent inappropriate interactions between the adults and […]

Student Violence is Being Ignored

The name Jaquerria Timmons won’t be a name you recognize. She is a 14 year old Bellingrath Middle School student that was shot and killed on Monday, May 1, 2017 in Montgomery, Alabama.  She had just left school and was just down the street from the school where a group of students were gathered.  It […]

Teachers Lock Your Doors!

The Standard of Care is for Doors to be Locked In response to shootings like the one at the San Bernardino elementary school on Tuesday, April 11, 2017 school administrators will start to discuss some of the measures that can be taken to deter attackers. At SafeDefend we often warn superintendents that some of the […]

The Current School Safety & Security Approach Isn’t Working

Several recent high profile school violence incidents have again highlighted the need to rethink the approach to school security. The focus for the last 25 years is to lock the problem out.  This approach is needed as a layer for security but it fails to address the real problem.  The violence in our schools comes […]

Trauma Response for Teachers

The tragedy that occurred at Townville Elementary School in South Carolina is difficult to accept. The school district had certainly taken steps to secure the perimeter and instruct teachers on response as this is a basic standard of care.  All of this planning didn’t prevent the 14-year-old perpetrator from jumping the fence and attacking the […]