Emergency Lockdown Systems For Schools & Businesses

Jewish Community Campus improves security with new line of defense

          https://www.kmbc.com/article/jewish-community-campus-improve-security-with-new-line-of-defense/24286940 Emily Welsh KMBC 9 News Anchor OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — A teacher or staff member can use their fingerprint to activate the SafeDefend system.

Former school principal’s SafeDefend active shooter system installed at Jewish Community Center, target of 2014 Overland Park shootings

 Startlandnews.com By: Elyssa Bezner, Reporter–   October 27, 2018 Every student, teacher and staff member deserves the greatest opportunity to get home from school safely, said Jeff Green, founder of SafeDefend. Jeff Green, SafeDefend Green’s security solution — an active shooter response system that sends alerts throughout a school community, as well as detailed information […]

Thinking School Security Solutions As We Head Back To School

In the flurry of back to school emails that I received from administrators, teachers, and staff was a notice about the new buzz in system being implemented at our district. The requisite apologies for inconvenience and lack of access were included for sincerity purposes.  It made me consider why we were apologizing for attempting to […]

Learning from the Parkland, FL shooting – Communication breaks down in a crisis

With all the investigations, reviews, lawsuits, and committees looking at the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School it is unlikely that an official report will be released anytime soon. In the Miami Herald article Seconds mattered: How the response at Parkland went wrong in 11 minutes there is a clear analysis of the known events […]

Workplace Violence Active Shooter – Alerting Employees & OSHA Compliance

The news of an active shooter at the YouTube headquarters is saddening. As the nation focuses on the conversation of school security in the wake of the shooting at Parkland, FL the discussion of threats in the workplace became sidelined.  We know from the FBI Active Shooter reports from 2000-2015 that 95% of active shooters […]