Emergency Lockdown Systems For Schools & Businesses

What does OSHA recommend for Workplace Violence? SafeDefend

At the beginning of 2017 OSHA issued a directive to provide guidance to field inspectors when investigating workplace violence. The directive cancelled the previous instructions from 2011.  The importance for employers is that it basically provides a road map to follow when instituting policies and preventative measures to address the threat of exposure to workplace […]

The Students as the Shooter

The school year started off with the typical fanfare for students and teachers. Lost in the coverage of the hurricanes that hit the gulf coast were the stories about students bringing guns to school.  These stories suggest that there is a serious problem in our schools that we are not addressing.  Primarily, the internal threat […]

Parent Perception of the Active Shooter Threat

An article in USA Today details the nature of perceptions of safety in our schools today.  At one high school the students started feeling unsafe due to a series of threats and fights.  The culmination was a series of warnings of potential violence.  As a result the school allowed parents to pull their children from […]

SafeDefend Helps Protect Students & Staff at Lamb of God Elementary School

School provides teachers tools to protect against active shooter Marissa Kynaston 8:11 AM, Aug 7, 2017 LAS VEGAS (KTNV) – It’s back-to-school time across the valley and one elementary school is starting the new year with a device that could keep your child safe. “I immediately wipe my finger across this, it sends a signal […]

The Pulse Nightclub Attack – The Importance of Notification Inside a Building

Looking back at the attack at the Pulse nightclub, one of the key factors that is often missed in the tragedy was the presence of armed security at the entrance.  As the attacker approached the building he was engaged by Officer Adam Gruler.  Officer Gruler valiantly and courageously exchanged gunfire with the attacker.  Unfortunately, he […]