WDAF 4: Active shooter training teaches nurses to team up, confuse and take down an assailant

WDAF 4’s Judy Le reports on the Visiting Nurse Association of Kansas City engaged in active shooter safety training with SafeDefend. CEO Brad Evans chose to go with the SafeDefend system. “For them (our employees) to have practical things versus tactical, it was important to us because we know those things will get used,” says Evans.

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FacilitiesNet: Preparing for the Worst: Protecting Employees from Active Shooters

SafeDefend’s CEO & Founder Jeff Green authors an article on the actions managers, operators, and owners can take to ensure their facilities are prepared for active shooter situations. “By putting an active shooter protection system in place and training employees, you give them a better chance of returning home to their families every night,” says Green. “Being in a position to respond effectively and minimize the tragedy itself as well as the impact on the company is vital.”

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Equities: Mace Security & SafeDefend to Offer Crisis Protection System to All

Equities’ Destiny Lopez reports on SafeDefend and Mace Security International’s new partnership aimed at creating the premier protection approach for employees, teachers, and students from incidents including active shooters and other emergencies. “We are extremely pleased to partner with SafeDefend and look forward to enhancing the safety of civilians all over the country,” says John McCann, CEO and President of Mace® Security.

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FMLink: SafeDefend, Mace Security provide protection tools to schools, workplaces

FMLink reports on SafeDefend’s new partnership with Mace Security International. SafeDefend’s proprietary active shooter and incident preparations program will combine with Mace Brand personal protection products to create a premier protection approach for workplaces and schools.

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KSHB 41: Kansas city school uses unique safety system

KSHB 41’s Ariel Rothfield reports on Blue Ridge Christian’s security system and active shooter response training through SafeDefend. “It (SafeDefend) gives us something we can do. Instead of just sitting and waiting for something bad to happen, we can be proactive instead of reactive,” says high school Bible teacher Matt Rogers. In total, the school has 28 SafeDefend boxes.

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SafeDefend and Mace Security International, Inc. Join Forces to Keep Schools and Workplaces Safe

New partnership will feature Mace® Brand pepper spray inside SafeDefend Personnel Protection Systems, creating the most comprehensive school and workplace protection device and program available

 Gardner, KS—May 19, 2016—SafeDefend and Mace® Security International, Inc. announced today a partnership that will combine SafeDefend’s proprietary active shooter and incident preparations program with the proven effectiveness of Mace® Brand products, including its Mace Gel Pepper spray. Together, SafeDefend and Mace® Brand will create the premier protection approach for employees, teachers, and students from incidents including active shooters and other emergencies.

“As SafeDefend continues to increase its presence in schools, government facilities, and workplaces, we needed to partner with true leaders in personnel protection to mitigate threats and injuries in the event of an incident,” said Jeff Green, CEO of SafeDefend. “SafeDefend is protecting over 12,000 students and personnel nationally, and with 87 mass shootings so far in 2016, it’s clear that workplaces are in need of a product like ours to help protect their most valuable asset: their people.”

The SafeDefend Personnel Protection System includes a fingerprint activated device which allows for controlled access and secure storage of items such as Mace® Brand gel pepper spray; a baton with a window break; trauma kit; safety vest; flex cuffs; high-intensity strobe flashlight; and a whistle. Once the system is activated, an alert is instantaneously sent to a nationwide monitoring company, along with a text alerting personnel at the school or workplace. Local law enforcement is immediately notified of the building and room number where the system was activated, identifying the location of the threat.

“We are proud to provide our nation’s law enforcement, corrections, and military with best-in-class, less lethal options,” said John McCann, CEO and President, Mace® Security International, Inc. “Now, through our partnership with SafeDefend we can enhance our efforts to protect our children and school officials, people working in medical and food industries, public employees, employees of corporations, and many more. We are extremely pleased to partner with SafeDefend and look forward to enhancing the safety of civilians all over the country.”

About SafeDefend

The SafeDefend Personnel Protection and Shelter in Place Systems program was founded in 2013 by Jeff Green, a former elementary school teacher and principal for 16 years. Following the Sandy Hook tragedy, Green realized that schools were missing critical elements in addressing a crisis.

SafeDefend was developed alongside local and national threat assessment experts, law enforcement, police chiefs, and sheriffs. SafeDefend prepares schools, hospitals, government buildings, and corporate offices what to do during the critical minutes leading up to the time first responders arrived on the scene. For more information, visit www.safedefend.com.

About Mace Security International, Inc.

Mace Security International Inc. is a globally recognized leader in personal safety and security. Based in Cleveland, Ohio, the company has spent more than 40 years designing and manufacturing consumer and tactical products for personal defense, security products under its world-renowned Mace® Brand – the original trusted brand of pepper spray products. The company also offers aerosol defense sprays and tactical products for law enforcement and security professionals worldwide through its Mace® Take Down® brand.

Mace Security International distributes and supports Mace® Brand products and services through mass-market retailers, wholesale distributors, independent dealers, e-commerce marketers and installation service providers. For more information, please visit www.mace.com.