Human Resource Executive: Equipped for the unthinkable

Human Resource Executive interviews SafeDefend CEO and Founder Jeff Green in a report on the resources available for employers to prepare the workplace and defend against an active shooter. “Putting a system in place, doing the training and giving employees the ability to respond; you’ve changed things, as far as protecting your employees and protecting the company,” says Green.

Full story. Cedar Hill honored by state AG Strange’s office’s Rebecca Croomes reports on the office of Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange visiting Cedar Hill Elementary to award students, teachers, and staff with the 2015 Safe School Initiative Award of Excellence and watch a demonstration of the SafeDefend system. “What gave Cedar Hill an edge up is the SafeDefend system,” says Cedar Hill Principal Glen Garner. “SafeDefend is a program instituted by Limestone County Schools to give teachers a box of supplies to use in case of an active shooter situation.”

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WAFF 48: Cedar Hill among 3 local schools to win safety award

WAFF 48’s Jack Madison reports on the Alabama Attorney General’s Office honoring Cedar Hill Elementary with the Safe School Initiative Award of Excellence and receiving a demonstration of the school’s SafeDefend system. “It’s (SafeDefend’s) a very quick response and we’re absolutely comfortable with it in our classrooms. It’s probably the most fantastic thing we’ve received in a while,” says 5th-grade teacher Cathy Smith.

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WHNT 19: Limestone County Schools receive award for use of ‘Safe Defend Boxes’

WHNT 19’s Alexandra Carter reports on Limestone County Schools receiving the 2015 Safe School Initiative Award of Excellence for the district’s implementation of SafeDefend boxes. Teacher Cathy Smith says the safety measure is much appreciated. “We feel very protected, it’s a very quick response, we are absolutely comfortable with it (SafeDefend) in our classrooms,” says Smith.

Full story Cedar Hill Elementary awarded for safety measures’s Adam Smith reports on Cedar Hill Elementary School’s recognition as one of the safest schools in the state of Alabama and discusses the installation of SafeDefend systems throughout Limestone County schools. “In December, Limestone County Schools implemented the SafeDefend system. When (Attorney General Luther) Strange visits the school this month, he’ll receive a demonstration of the system,” says Tom Sisk, superintendent of Limestone County schools.

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HR Dive: How a combination of tech and planning can help prevent workplace homicide

HR Dive interviews SafeDefend Director of Training Doug Parisi about how HR leaders should address active shooter preparedness. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) 9 percent of workplace deaths in 2013 were homicide victims. “Using accurate location and instant notification, any building can be quickly evacuated, removing potential victims from the perpetrator,” Parisi says.

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