Jeff Green, CEO of SafeDefend, Interviewed by 41 Action News


Thank you to Deborah Tuff and 41 Action News for interviewing SafeDefend CEO Jeff Green.

SafeDefend and RAZ Mobile have recently teamed up in hopes of making classrooms safer. The two companies were originally interviewed via Skype and then a second story featuring Jeff Green at the Louisburg Library, one of his first clients, aired on the news.

When explaining how he came across the idea Green said, “I was the last person in my building after Sandy Hook. I was trying to figure out what we could do better. It seemed like everything we were looking at and considering, Sandy Hook already seem to have.”

That’s when the former school principal began working with law enforcement to develop the SafeDefend locker. The locker is similar in size to a shoe-box. The fingerprint activated security system notifies police automatically and tells them the location of the threat in the building. The locker contains supplies the detain the threat until help arrives.

“We have everything from high intensity strobe light, pepper spray, we have flex cuffs, expanded baton, window break; whistle, a trauma kit to provide immediate emergency response as well as a high visibility vest to help law enforcement,” Green said.

The each lockers cost $500 and there is a $59.95/month monitoring fee. The goal is to have one in each classroom of the school.

Raz Mobile , an online fundraising company for non-profits, is helping schools make that hope a reality. Dale Knoop is the CEO and founder. “We’re just helping SafeDefend go out and tap the networks of the parents and their friends and their families and their social media. You think about soccer moms on Facebook, (who say) ‘will you help get a system for my son or daughter’s school? Can you help afford $20 (or) $50?’ Knoop said.

Right now the Louisburg Library and a private school have SafeDefend systems in place and running. Four other schools in the Kansas City area just installed the systems, SafeDefend will announce who those schools are, next week.

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