Louisburg Library Empowered By SafeDefend System



The Louisburg Library is one of SafeDefend’s most recent clients. Kiersten Allen, a librarian, first heard of the security system when CEO Jeff Green presented his idea to the Rotary Club of Louisburg.

The Library chose the SafeDefend system because, “the initial finger-swipe instantly alerts law enforcement that there is danger. It is also an all-encompassing tool to help calm and empower staff in the event of a violent intruder,” said Allen.

SafeDefend’s price was within the libraries annual budget and seen as, “an excellent use of resources,” according to the librarian.

Before the implementation of the SafeDefend system, Allen shared that the person closest to a phone would need the wherewithal to do an all-page through the phone

Now with a new security plan in place Allen says, “the staff [feels] much more comfortable. The box [has become] less of an idea and more of an actual tool that they [are] confident that each of them [can] use effectively and without assistance.”

The library holds monthly Librarians in Action meetings. Jeff attended a meeting and took the entire time to allow staff to handle all of the equipment and to ask questions. The library intends to repeat a train session quarterly.

Overall Allen says that the staff feels, “much more confident and empowered,” now that the SafeDefend system is in place and running.

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