Retired Director of KBI Endorses SafeDefend

Larry Welch, retired director of the KBI, endorsed SafeDefend this week. SafeDefend was designed by law enforcement, FBI and terrorist experts to teach schools to protect themselves during the critical minutes after an active shooter emergency.


Welch said, “SafeDefend’s emergency response system is a reasonable and practical weapon in the arsenals of schools and law enforcement against those who would harm our children.”

According to Jeff Green, SafeDefend CEO and founder, “SafeDefend utilizes both a comprehensive protection system and training for teachers, students and staff.  We are thrilled to be receiving these types of endorsements from law enforcement in the community.”

Larry Welch, a native of St. John, Kan., was appointed as a special agent with the FBI where he supervised FBI operations in Kansas from 1961-1986. Welch has also served as director at the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center and director of KBI from 1994-2007. Welch is also the author of Beyond Cold Blood: The KBI from Ma Barker to BTK. Welch retired from the KBI in May 2007.

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